How did we get here?! My thoughts on the Jussie Smollet allegations.

“Jussie Smollett’s alleged hoax got more media attention than my son, who was shot and killed in Chicago”

As you all may know, Jussie Smollett was the face of a Chicago hate crime on Jan 29th 2019.  The attack outraged millions of Americans who,  (myself included) took to social media to share heartfelt posts of the actors turmoil.  As a nation, our stomachs turned fearing the Trump divide struck again.  That was until we learned he actually beat himself up?!  Yup, unbeknownst to us, Jussie hired attackers, staged the entire ordeal, and carried out the mission all on his own.  According to an article published by The New York Times, he was even on the phone with them an hour before the “attack.”  Cool story bro.  In light of the current allegations, I can’t help but to feel a shift in where our society is heading.


A Chicago mom reported on how Jussie’s incident got way more media attention than her son who, with no gang affiliations, was shot and killed in Chicago.  The death remains unsolved and her son… just another black male statistic.  Stories like her sons’ aren’t new to us or the Chicago PD – so I can’t understand why someone on Jussie’s caliber is going out of their way to trivialize a hate crime.   For money?  For power? For a raise lol?  It begs the question – has doing it for the gram gone too far?  Is the lifestyle and mentality of our current generation moving in a healthy direction?  Because I can’t lie ya’ll, I’m a little shook.


Jussie Smollet is just one of many young black male public figures influencing our generation.  As you all know, I tend to write about more glamorous topics but I  really can’t act like this particular situation weighs well on my Libra scale.


A dear friend posed the question;

“Are we now going to second guess every person who’s attacked?  Every woman that’s raped?  How will we know what’s real anymore?”  And my mind exploded because she’s right!  In just a few short days, we met Jussie’s allegations with unraveling apprehension.  In just a few minutes we told ourselves to second guess if testaments on being attacked were true.  I wish the “Empire” star nothing but the best, but I wonder if he realizes how the pain he inflicted onto himself,  has only furthered the doubt and skepticism of a community that is already met with race tensions daily.


A  recent tweet by comedian Lil Duval poked fun at our generation for “taking sides too quick.”  But since when did showing love to an alleged “hate crime” victim result in taking sides too quick?  How did we get here?  And does his tweet carry some truth to it?


First of all, an ecosystem refers to all things living (plants and microbes as well) so thank you Lil Duval for being all inclusive with your statement, but, the bigger message I want to convey is… Lil Duval is actually telling the sad truth.  We live in a society where we are easily manipulated.  Going forward, shouldn’t blame victims or reject what they have to say,  but as proven, we have to gather all evidence and wait until all facts are presented before advocating for anyone.


Take the heart wrenching Emette Till story.  Emette was buying candy at a Mississippi corner store while visiting family from Chicago.  After being accused of whistling at a white woman behind the counter, he was then kidnapped, tortured, lynched and thrown into the Tallahatchie river.  An innocent boy lost his life in 1955 after being “accused” for whistling at a white woman, all for that same woman to RECANT her statements 50 years later.  Had anyone stopped to gather facts before jumping on a bandwagon, an innocent boy would still have his life.  In this case an actor stages an attack on himself and uses a noose to validate hate, after knowing our countries past, all in the name of wealth and capital??   There is already societal pressure for minority groups to work twice as hard, and debacles like this continue to stunt not only the growth of the black community but of the homosexual community as well.  Where were his friends when he was coming up with his idea?!  While our hearts rest with Emette Till,  and not so much Jussie Smollet, it is dangerous when people mislead and it encourages a mentality where we just jump on the bandwagon of what a person says because people are flawed and lie for whatever motives they have.


I think we can all use this opportunity (myself included) to not only further educate ourselves on manners pertaining to our public figures, presidents, people in congress etc, but to also take what is presented to us, with a grain of salt.   I’ll leave off with a few short quotes I’ve come across in my research.

“The last two years have been a battle — at the ballot box, on the internet, in the streets, and inside our own heads — for control of the American psyche.”

– Craig Jenkin,  Vulture Mag.

“The Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson, visibly angry at a morning news conference, said Mr. Smollett had taken advantage of the pain and anger of racism, draining resources that could have been used to investigate other crimes for which people were actually suffering.” 

– Sopan Deb and Jack Jack Healy,  The New York Times 

“On Feb. 22, less than 10 days after interviewing Smollett on “Good Morning America,” Robin Roberts called his arrest a “setback for race relations, homophobia, MAGA supporters – the fingers were pointed at them.  I cannot think of another case where there’s this anger on so many sides, and you can understand why there would be.”

– Robin Roberts,  Good Morning America 

As always, thank you for reading! ♥ What are your thoughts and how are you taking the situation? Let me know in the comments!


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