Super Soul Sundays

Normally on Sundays we Brunch.  But between the work week, finishing up my degree and personal projects it can get easy to forget how to take a step back and focus on the things that really feed my soul.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  As part of my Sunday rituals, I like to play soulful Jazzy music by artist that aren’t so “mainstream,” expose myself to media I might’ve missed throughout the week and add a little something extra to my skincare routine.  So here’s a little post dedicated to feeding your soul.

 This Week In Music 

I featured this song on my story last week and had a few questions about the artist.  The singer is an artist by the name of June Marieezy and the one on the instruments is FKJ.  This song is called Amsterjam but other favorites to check out by the female philippine artist  include;

Fly , Heavy Eyes, Blase 

This Week In Skin Care

IMG_3597.JPGBecause of stress my skin has been super acne prone.  And while it’s getting better it’s not where it needs to be yet.  This Sunday I’m focusing on deep cleaning and this Neutrogena mask is a great one to use and can be found in your local pharmacy or target.




Trying to maintain healthy moisturized skin in the winter months can be a challenge.  And sometimes skin can become dry and dull.   The ordinary is a super affordable skin care brand that serves up an at home chemical peel solution that wipes away dull skin at a fraction of the cost of getting a facial. (only $7.20 for the entire bottle).  It also deep cleans your pores so if you’re acne prone this will surely help.  If the idea doing an at home chemical peel mask scares you don’t be afraid.  I promise your face and wallet will be happy.  Find the solution by clicking this link.

More details about winter skin care will be in a future post.

This Week in Content /  Media

As many of you may know (or don’t know).  I work with a platform called @shinehardfam . Shine hard is based out of DC and is an outlet dedicated to educating young minority millennials on things like financial literacy, investments, and making the best use of your financial resources.   Their mission is to close the racial wealth gap through mentorships, digital media and interviews.  The latest interview featured John Jackson, the person behind the popular online platform called “Blavity.”   To hear the full interview and gain some insight press play and be sure to follow @shinehardfam on Instagram.

What do you do to feed your soul on Sundays?  Let me know in the comments or DM me for a feature!  Promise this list will expand in the future ♥

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