7 Instagram Profiles That Make You Feel Like You’re In A Gallery

Okay Guys so….. It’s officially “Visit An Art Museum Day!!!” And what many people don’t know is that I’m BIGTIME into Art, Literature and Museums.  While I don’t expect everyone to stop what they’re doing and take a trip the MoMA,  in honor of the day I’ve decided I would bring the galleries to you!  Because I am so passionate about art appreciation, I am highlighting 7 of my favorite accounts that instantly make you feel like you’re walking through a gallery! I know so cool!  Scroll through to see more!



The use of  watercolor, muted neutrals and sharp lines to create gentle silhouettes makes this page one of my Instagram favorites!  The simplicity of the work also makes the work powerful and moving.  I can’t wait to purchase a piece from this artist!



Call it what you want but this account has all the graphics and emotional surrealism I need to easily make it one of the top on the list



Interior Design is a very big interest of mine, so that with the combined use of saturated color and fine art make this one a favorite.



This account highlights art galleries and showing from all around the world.  More often then not, I catch myself going back to the profile to look at the photos over and over again.


tommorow the label1.jpg

Portraits, paintings, and sculpture compromise this super cool page.


tommorow the label1 (1).jpg

The earthy tones and texture pieces of this artist make for pieces I can stare at for hours.  In the image to the left is it an eye, the moon, the opening of a tree or something else?  We’ll never know.



These super fresh interior designs are created to uplift and empower through art.  And the artist is just as gorgeous.

I know the art I’ve chosen may not be for everyone, but on national visit an art museum day I thought it would be good to spend the day appreciating some art even if it’s virtual.  Happy visit an art museum day!

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